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Today’s post is a great recipe and a gift idea! I am not one to reinvent the wheel, so when I come across great ideas I try to use them.  That said, I try to give credit where credit is due.  I came across the following recipe/ gift idea at, which is a very cool website if you’ve never checked it out.  The original address for the project is here if you would like to see the original source.

I was trying to think of an inexpensive but thoughtful way to thank my son’s teacher, classroom aide, and therapists for all of their extra efforts helping him to have a successful transition to kindergarten.  These “cake-in-a-mug” treats were the answer!  I got the mugs at The Dollar Store, cello bags from the baking supply section at Walmart, and printed up the directions at home.  (Note:  This makes like 40 servings of cake, so maybe team up with some friends who are also interested in gift ideas, or use for a big function like a shower, or teacher appreciation)


-Box of any flavor cake mix (I used Dark Chocolate)

-Box of Angel Food cake mix

-cello bags with twist ties

-ribbon if desired

-coffee mugs (one per gift recipient)

-paper, supplies for printing or writing out the directions

In a large bowl, mix the two flavors of cake mix until they are well blended.

chocolate cake boxangel food cake box

cake mix in bowl

For each gift recipient, put 3 tablespoons of the blended mixture into a cello bag and twist tie it closed.  (3 T. equals 1 serving of cake.  I tried to fit 2 servings into one mug, but when I cooked it, it overflowed.  One serving for a standard mug size seems to work best)

cake in cello bags

Print directions for gift recipient on how to prepare their cake.  (This is called the 3-2-1 recipe because it uses 3 T. of cake mix, 2 T. of water, and is cooked in the microwave for 1 minute.  Cute, right?)  These can be typed or done by hand.  They could be hole-punched and tied to the gift with a pretty ribbon if you desire.  I just stuck mine in the mugs with the bags of cake mix.

cake in a mug directions
I added a little hand-written note to the bottom of the directions.

Here are my mugs when they were all done.  I like how the red, black, and orange kind of gave them a Fall, back-to-school feel.

finished cake mugs

Here is what the cakes like after they’re cooked in the mugs…

cake in mug

and once they’ve been tipped out on to a serving dish.  They are very hot when they first come out of the microwave.  Make sure to let them cool!

cake in bowl

My son loved his just plain, but I think a yummy topping like ice cream, fudge or Cool Whip would go a long way to make them even better.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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    So for today’s blog rewind, I’m going back to a post I did at the beginning the school year as we were trying to thank our kids’ therapists and teachers with a small gift. It was a big hit and I figured it was timely considering it is now the end of the year and the need for teacher gifts is here again. Have a great weekend!

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