Breakfast time for us is never a good time. I am not a morning person and have a issue with small minions whining at me before 6 AM. I have taught them to be self sufficient in many ways. They can get a glass of water, a bowl of fruit and snacks from the pantry. But I do know the value of a good breakfast and try to start their days off right and I’m always excited when I run across a meal the majority of them like, so instead of 5 different meals; I can cut it down to three (its the small things people!).

As a kid I loved strange foods; raw green onions, beets and kippers. One of my favorites and one i recently have circled back to is – low fat cottage cheese mixed with fruit. I just introduced it to SB again after a long break and she loves it as much as she did the first time; and she can feed herself (bonus!).

So for all those moms looking for a healthy way to start your day here is a quick recipe-

1 bowl of low fat cottage cheese (we buy bulk at Costco)
Fruit of your choice (I preference grape halves or peaches from the cup. Love the sugar free syrup mixed in)

But a warning- my kids have food AND sensory issues. So this is not for Diva or Bug. The curds and consistency freak them out and they get mad I mixed food they like in food they don’t.



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