Fishin’ For A New Place To Eat? MOOve On Down to Cowfish

I grew up being exposed to a variety of types of food. Family was always amazed when I would eat tomatoes like apples, olives by the jar and green onions like Bugs Bunny eats carrots. The older I got the more new foods I tried and the more I liked.

Then I met my husband. When he was growing up he hid bologna under the couch and rejoiced in McDonald’s chicken nuggets. So when we had our first date at Steak and Shake and he had no idea what a salad was; I started questioning my decision (just kidding). However, after a few bites, he was in heaven. And so began the saga of “fooducating” my husband. Nevertheless, he is still your typical guy and will choose a good piece of meat over escargot any day.

Choosing a restaurant is typically like a game of darts. All our decisions are placed on the board and we take turns throwing darts to figure out where we go. Except, most of mine are left off.  We order pizza and it has to be only pepperoni; but I yearn for a supreme. My extensive palette of tastes are overshadowed by the taste buds of three kids and a steak and potatoes kind of guy. I’m always fine with where we go. Although longing for something to make my mouth explode with happiness. It is always the mom who sacrifices for her family. But don’t sacrifice no more!

The perfect combination of exciting familiar and new tastes has arrived and taste buds of every level will be satisfied at The Cowfish in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a place I actually feel comfortable taking Handsome Hub and him actually trying something new *GASP*. I might even pull the camera out to video the once in a lifetime event of him trying sushi. Considering the fact Handsome Hub can still order a gourmet hamburger while I can get my sushi fix, this restaurant is honestly the best of two foods married (just like us!).

The impression of the restaurant before stepping inside is something I typically would be highly nervous to take my kids to. However, trust me when I tell you it’s totally kid friendly. There are over 5 different kids meals to choose from for a little more than a price of a Happy Meal. Bonus for those kids with selective tastes (like my two kids with Autism) they also have Ninja Nuggets! The noise level when we were there around dinner time on a weeknight, was similar to that of a casual restaurant. Friends, families and co-workers were talking and laughing. Nevertheless, if I had the opportunity to go there for a date, I would NOT pass that up.

The options for food are endless. Roll the dice and end up with something new every time. Besides hamburgers that moo and fish that…. um….. whatever…. there are sandwiches, salads and more. So don’t worry if your not a carnivore. In any event, just make sure you don’t fill up to much on appetizers and entrees. They are some amazing desserts too!


Feeling a little adventurous, but still not completely ready to jump off the deep end into a new food category? What about a compromise? Handsome Hub and I try to compromise wherever we can in life. Family dinner options are no different. Enter the Burgushi. Part sushi part ham

burger. For those with a visual aversion, trust me, there is a hamburger in there. And a damn good one.

Therefore, no matter casual, family affair, romantic or other reason your stop in and eat at Cowfish; there is always first-class food through a fresh view.

18 Replies to “Fishin’ For A New Place To Eat? MOOve On Down to Cowfish”

  1. This sounds like such a cool place to eat. We all have very different tastes in our family, so this place sounds perfect. Do they only have one location?

  2. That sounds like a perfect combo! My siblings love sushi, but I have not been brave enough to try it. But I do love a burger! This restaurant sounds like a great way to ease into being adventurous and expanding my palate, without the pressure of a sushi-only place. What a cool idea!

  3. I relate to your situation so much! I love trying new foods, but hubby is a steak and potatoes kind of guy who sticks with the one dish he finds that he likes. He’s never been to Cowfish, and I’m dying to take him there!

  4. I have heard of Cowfish but have not tried it. We don’t often go to Raleigh for dinner (it’s at least 40min away). Glad you did a review of it.
    xo, Lee

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