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Your Fired!


After 10 years, a decade of service to this family, I’m fired from motherhood. As of August 28th, I will have no children at home to care for. All three of my children will be in elementary school. There is a shift in the time continuum. No longer do they call me “Mommy”; now it’s just “mom”. My time in the “mommy” decade has ended. The “mom” years have started.


What happens when your fired from motherhood? Does your job title change? What am I described as now?


In the work force we are defined by our jobs. If you write; your a writer. If you grow food; your a farmer. If you have kids, your a mother. And when your fired, your…. what? You lose your job title and no longer defined by what you do.


I wanted to restart blogging with a blog opposite of what I was used to writing. Most of all, I was a mom blogger. I was labeled a “mom blog”. All I talked about was raising kids and being a mom. Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mom! During the past decade of my life that was all I was. I was barely a friend, barely a wife, barely a daughter. I was barely me. Hyper focused on my kids, I let them define me as “mommy”.


No longer feeling like a “mommy”, I feel I’m not qualified as a mommy only blog. However, I realize now, being “mom” is part of who I am, but it doesn’t make up my whole self being anymore. Or, at least I am not going to let it.

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