I all to often wonder unnecessarily about the future of my children. Specifically they adult years. Will they find friends, will they find love, will they find jobs? Will they succeed at all or one of them? I raise my children to be independent and teach them skills to lend them to become a productive citizen. But what if that isn’t their destiny? What if they were only meant to have a minimal job or not be able to hold one at all? At least for the time being they can do the chores I ask of them and they are still capable of following one step directions. And as I read this article I realized that there might be hope after all for my children and thousands like them when they reach adulthood.

I hope more companies become more Autism and special needs friendly. “German business software company SAP will start to employ people with autism as software testers, programmers and data quality assurance specialists across the world as it teams up with Denmark’s Specialisterne. Specialisterne works to assess, train and employ individuals with autism as consultants in IT and other sectors with technically oriented tasks and jobs. SAP will become the first company to work with Specialisterne on a global basis.”

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  1. I have hope for innovative education systems in the future that will promote productive skillsets in autistic individuals.. Although a lot of their sensible functionality seems impaired, some of their talents make them shine so bright in certain areas.

    I worked with a physicist for several years who was absolutely brilliant. He was his own kind of guy, for sure, but man he was really good at what he did.

    You sound like an awesome parent and best of luck with everything… 🙂

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