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Let’s see….. three kids, three different ages, boys and girls, and three different classes equals a butt ton of Valentines I need to buy, get or produce. This also means I have to put on some deodorant and leave the house and people. I don’t know about you; but I don’t always like to people. I especially don’t like to people if I have my kids with me.

Today I’m bringing to you easy at-home DIY inexpensive printable Valentines from one of my galentines, Amy; founder and creative designer at The Ever Co.

As a military spouse working on my own little entrepreneurship, I know how important it is to have the support of friends and family behind you every step of the way. Because every step of the way may include steps in three different states before your little seed of a idea grows into the business you dreamed of.

Amy has created and produced easy printable Valentines for your kiddos in 8 different Valentine’s designs for only $2.99. Yes, that means if you have three different kids, with three different personalities, you have only have to spend a few bucks and I bet out of those 8 designs there is one to please everyone.

My kids ages 5, 8 and 10 did these all by themselves. The washi tape was easy enough to rip and didn’t require scissors; super bonus! This meant I could finish cooking dinner while they worked on these.

Also, with such a age gap and having a son and daughters, my kids all found one they liked with no arguing!

Without leaving my house here’s how I got together over 80 (yes 80!) Valentines for my kids (and my friends).


  • cardstock
  • printer
  • glowsticks
  • pens
  • washi tape

Magically, all my supplies minus the ones I already had appeared on my doorstep. Well, maybe I ordered them from Amazon. So yes, you can order everything you need off Amazon and not even leave the house. Then there are only a few easy steps. So easy, a child can do it. Actually, all 3 did. I only made the ones for my friends.


Step 1: Purchase, download and print.

Step 2: Trim

Step 3: Sign names

Step 4: Tape down glow sticks

Tada! No mess to clean up (except from dinner), no needing to deal with crowds and a way to support a military wife. The perfect trifecta in my book.

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