We are still getting settled in our new house and are really liking it!  We are noticing, however, that the sun rises early here.  Really, really early.  At our elevation, it is super bright too.  Not a bad thing, I guess, but we were looking for a way to block some of the sunlight pouring into our bedroom at the wee hours of the morning.

ImageWe have one big window in our room with blinds, and those work great.  The problem lies in these two smaller “accent” windows on either side of our dresser.  The problem is that while they let a lot of natural light in without comprising our privacy, it was a little too much natural light.  I didn’t want to hang curtains, but I wasn’t sure of how to solve my dilemma.

Hubby and I were at Home Depot getting some other stuff when we were in the window treatment department and saw these “window films” and application kits.

ImageThey had a ton of different patterns to choose from, but we picked “Magnolia.”

ImageI was a little unsure because I had never used anything like this before, but I thought I’d give it a try.  I bought two packages of the window films which is way more than I should have needed.  I have learned from my past DIY projects that there is nothing more frustrating than to be in the middle, make a mistake, and not have enough supplies to finish.  

Turns out the application was very easy!  Measure your window and cut the film to size.  You want it just  a hair shy of your actual window measurements, the package gives exact suggested amount.  Then get the window clean and dry, use the spray bottle to wet it down.  Peel the backing off your film and apply to your window.  The handy little tool in the application kit helps to get out any bumps.  Viola!  That’s it!  It was a great solution for us because I didn’t want to put up more curtains.  Plus, we are renting so when it comes time for us to move out, we just peel them off with no damage to the windows or walls.  

ImageThe film is pretty sturdy so it doesn’t constantly peel off or move like I thought it might.  It does help to soften the sunlight coming in too.  Now, hopefully I can get more beauty sleep!






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