Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Wanted to share this awesome DIY that I got from a friend.  I went to a baby shower and these adorable chalkboards were part of the decor.  She had well wishes for the mother-to-be written on them, as well as directions for guests on signing the guest book, etc…  They ended up using them as give-aways, and I was lucky enough to be able to take one home.  I use it in my kitchen to put different notes on, menus, reminders, Bible verses, you name it…I just love it!

Turns out when I complimented the girl throwing the shower on her lovely little chalkboards, she informed me they were a very easy DIY project.  She gets old picture frames from thrift stores, garage sales, or even cheap ones from the dollar store.  She removes the glass from the frame and paints one side with chalkboard paint.  While it is drying, you can paint the frame any color you want.  Once both are dry, just reassemble the frame and you have your own handy dandy chalkboard!  I love it! They are awesome for the home office, kitchen or just about anywhere.  Since they do contain real glass, I would use them for decorative purposes only.  These would not be good for kiddos to use or play with.  Too cool not to share!  Hope your V-day is filled with love!

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