Normally in Foodie Fridays we like to post tested and approved recipes from our own kitchens. I wanted to mix it up this week, ( and truth be told, I’m at the airport right now and don’t have a recipe to share 🙂 ) and share a food saving tip.

I am forever plagued by the problem of how to store a leftover cake when we don’t finish it. I know there are cake savers out there that you can buy, but they are huge and I didn’t want to store one when it would be used pretty infrequently. Enter the DIY cake keeper. Actually just a large, upside down Tupperware-type bowl.

I came up with it the last time I made a 9-inch layer cake.

First, I flipped one of the layers upside down on top of the lid. I frosted the sides and top as I normally would, using the lid as a plate.


Then, I put the bottom or flat side of the other layer in top and frosted that.

I was actually making the cake for later that night so I wanted to pop it into the fridge. I just put the bowl onto the lid and kept the whole thing upside down to cover the cake.

When we were ready to eat the cake later on, I just popped the lid off and viola!

*depending on how tall your bowl is and how high the frosting ends up, you may have to retouch the cake after opening it up. A small price to pay for yummy cake! 🙂

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