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Okay, so as we posted a few weeks ago, my blog co-author and I treated ourselves to a day of leisure, lunch, manis/ pedis, and shopping a few weeks ago.  It was a reward for a year of caring for our kids solo during our husband’s deployment.  Our awesome husbands were super supportive of the idea right from the beginning (how blessed are we!?!?!?).  It was while we were at lunch that I got the following email from my husband, entitled, “Here We Go!”  Upon reading it, well, actually, upon snorting out my drink while reading it, it become clear that this story needed to come out as Dirty Water Part II.

If you haven’t read Dirty Water (the original post), I highly encourage you to do so.  You can find it here.  It provides background that makes the following story even funnier.  So, what else can I say?  Enjoy 🙂

Here is the email I got from my husband:

Subject:  Here We Go

“So, I am sure one of the reasons you two wanted us to stay home alone with the kids was so we could get a taste of what life was like for you during the deployment with no help! Well on cue B decided not to disappoint!! I see B running, hunched over back and forth to the bathroom, and it was obvious that he had to go potty but in true B fashion he wasn’t sure if he really needed to go so there was a delay getting to the toilet!! Being the only adult in the house I decided to take a look in the bathroom to see if everything was okay, and when I arrived I hear B throwing a fit about cleaning his foot!! Yes there was poop all over his foot, which was now all over the wall and there was a little chunk in the floor!! I checked his underwear and there was no poop or pee in this underwear so we are going be able to use those again today!! I proceeded to clean him up the best that I could however it was apparent that I was not going to get the job done by myself so I cleaned his feet and hands as best that I could and had him walk upstairs into the bathroom where he is now, taking a bath!! I have not checked the path he took yet to see if there are any tracks of poop yet, because I wanted to write you this e-mail first so you could enjoy. I have not cleaned up the walls yet either so I need to get going, I may decide to torch the whole place because this wasn’t cute, this was a mess that will never be fully cleaned, and B will be in the tub the rest of the afternoon!! I love you and hope you have a great day!!”

Aren’t daddies great?  🙂

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