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  1. This is really interesting. And, I’m sure, like all asd symptom lists, this is a partial and not applicable to all, blah blah blah. BUT, seeing this really makes me appreciate all the times I’ve seen/heard people say that girls are much harder to diagnose than boys. Just wow.

    1. I have Both a boy and girl on the spectrum and it was scary how it pegged them. I’m sure we will never know to full extent of traits and even these listed can/will vary as more and more is understood. But it gives me goose bumps.

      1. My oldest has several “Aspie traits,” per the psychiatrist we consulted with after a panic attack. Not enough to diagnose her as specifically Aspie, but enough to make us go, “huh.” Her issues were more typically associated with boys: sensory, food issues (textures) and more “boy-associated” social traits.

        1. Bug has pdd-nos. He has both aspie and ASD traits. But I guess it not longer matters since they redid the criteria. So guess this could apply to ASD in general.

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