I love being creative. I love making something from nothing or even better- making something new from something old.

In the days before I had kids and they sucked my creative cells out of my brain; I used to write. I wrote short stories, songs and poetry. I also kept a journal and loved to doodle over everything. My then-boyfriend now-husband love reading my work and would even go as far as requesting me to write something new. I was even published. But after the kids came, those cells that created those wonderful words died along with any free time I had.

But as the kids have grown up and I learn to manage my time better with them, I am finding a few moments here and there to be creative again. Normally I limit myself to projects that can be completed in one day. Anything over that and it no longer seems I am creating anything but stress on myself to complete the project. I have found that journaling is a amazing way to drain some of the stress from your body, be creative and be able to feel like you have accomplished something all in the same time frame.  However, since all my creative cells have been killed off I don’t even know where to begin writing. So I went old school and struck out to find some writing prompts I remembered from grade school.

Upon my google search I stumbled upon a Christie Zimmer who makes her own journaling pages. Even better is you can print them out in color or black and white to color it in yourself from her site. She has struck out on her adventures in journaling and created some amazing prompts along with a few other printable projects. Currently she is working on a new endeavor  one creative thing a day; whether it be a watercolor, knitting, new journal prompt or more.

She also has items  to purchase in her etsy store to include two pocket journals editions, friendship cards and stickers. I have already purchased her first pocket journal and LOVE IT! No one is ever to young to color, and who says you need to stay in the lines! I love that it fits in my purse and since I already carry around a set of crayons; even I can pass the time with some childhood fun.

I love her work and find they are some great idea joggers. If you are looking for some new prompts or help getting starting journaling try out Christie’s products at Grace is Overrated.

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