I Spy book page with websiteLast year for the holidays we flew home (17 hours, two Spectrum kids, pregnant me and a very helpful husband). I got each kid a new backpack. In their backpack, I packed their snacks, water bottle and several dollar store and home-made DIY gifts and wrapped each one. It was a great success. Every few hours or when they needed a change of scenery they got to open a new gift (I even wrapped a few of their own I knew they hadn’t seen in awhile). I wanted to share with you the biggest hit of all- the custom DIY “I Spy” book.


I made all pages and the cover either in Google Picasa or in Microsoft Publisher. You will find that I LOVE Publisher. Its my go to and the reason I couldn’t deal with my Mac.

I took about a week to do and I was able to use common things around our home and/or non copywrited images I found online.

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