I love crafty crap.

I love to draw.

I love to sew.

I love to dabble in that craft and this one.

My guest room is a staging area for every crafting hobby known to man before I descend upon the project like a lion on an antelope. Then the carnage happens. Supplies for my project start to litter the house and not a single square foot is safe from my materials.

Crafting can be so isolating and quiet though. I try to crank the music up as loud as possible. The music can drown out the kids, however, it doesn’t comfort me in the silence of my mind. The only cure to my loneliness is friends.


Friends can provide relief to the white noise of life. And what pairs better with your favorite hobby and friends? Wine….and beer…. and a full bar! Thankful I’m not offering up my house ( you’d be scared at the mayhem that constitutes my family) but what I unanimously suggest is Pinot’s Palette in Apex, North Carolina.

Pinot’s Palette’s offer numerous opportunities for painters of all ages. Maybe not an artist yourself, but you have a little who is? They even have meeting rooms and events for birthdays, celebrations and meet ups. Pinot’s Palette is a safe space and place for everyone of any age and art ability. They also offer more than just a bar and tables to paint. They have gift cards to fit any budget and occasion, ability for mobile sessions and more.

You can dirty their supplies, tables and store. Clean up is easy- as you don’t have too. Of course they suggest cleaning your brushes and getting fresh water every so often. Their skilled instructor use classic painting terms like “dap”, “dollops”, and skooch”. No really, she was amazing and her using untechnical and stuffy terms put you at ease as you didn’t feel she was talking over your head. Her lingo and directions might have been elementary for ease of understanding. However, her skill, friendly interaction with clients and overall teaching ability made you feel like the Van Gogh of the era.

Afraid you can’t hack it in the art world? Don’t worry, you don’t have to, but I promise with the support of you friends (who are also probably whining at their unartistic abilities), amazing instructor and bar; you can definitely feel like you are a master.

10 Replies to “Cheers To Friendship And Art”

  1. I’ve done a paint night and it was so much fun! I’ve got an art background so it wasn’t too scary for me but my sweet husband went and he has NO art experience. His painting turned out wonderfully and we both had a really great time. I’d love to go for a girls night too.

  2. I have never done a paint night, although my daughter went to an “alcohol-free” birthday party there and had lots of fun. Another thing to promote if they offer it.

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