Non Professional Mom Puts on Jamberry Nails

Non Professional Mom Puts on Jamberry Nails

For all you intrigued and curious Jamberry wanna be customers. Here is a very non professional vlog on how to put your Jamberry Nails on.  I thought it be good to do a video showing how easy they are to apply. I thought for the 

Boy vs Counter: Round One- Pediactric Dentist and Soft Food Diet

Yup. That happened. Adult tooth, root, gum and all. And all a hour before SB had her first official birthday party.  I was taking a shower and assumed Bug was simply in trouble. Big trouble. Until Hubs walked into the bathroom and alerted me to 

Best Planner for Moms- Erin Condren Life Planner

I mentioned in a previous post that I have decided that the Erin Condren Life Planner is the one that best fits my needs. Every night after the kids are in bed, I pull my planner out and stare at it. It’s so pretty and 

No School Tomorrow. Please Send Wine.

When I was a kid I walked up hill in the snow both ways with no shoes on and socks on my hands for gloves….. Well, maybe not that drastic. But these kids today are so soft. After a two hour delay that turned into 

Erin Condren DIY Contact Dashboard

Erin Condren DIY Contact Dashboard

I like planners. I’m a nerd. I love office supplies, pens and washi tape. A few years back I was searching for the best planner for me (there is no such thing as perfect). I’m was then that I ran across the Erin Condren Life 

Nationwide Can’t Insure your Kid

So Lets face it… my husband and I dvr’ed the Superbowl for one reason- the commercials. As a communications major and working in the PR field, I love seeing the creativity that comes with the battle of the bowl. The real competition isn’t between the 

Mom for the Win! Lunch Note to the Cafeteria Lady

We all go through that stage. You know…the stage of picky eating. In one point in your child’s life you will deal with tantrums over eating broccoli or As I have written before, it is a constant in our home, but not over the 

When No One is On the Same Page….

I’m trying to remember I need to be thankful. Two years ago when we were first going through all this tumor stuff with Diva it was scary and there weren’t many answers we were getting from the doctors. We are still getting not many more