I am very fortunate that our family wants to be apart of our kids lives even though we live so far away. Growing up my own grandparents would send cards and hand written letters numerous times through out the year. Even to this day my grandmother and I still write hand written letters instead of phone calls. Please do not forget the art and impact a handwritten note can make. And I am thrilled our families continue that tradition of sending our kids notes and cards.

My mom is a creative mind like mine and makes some amazing cards for the kids. I hated throwing them away knowing the time she put into them and how it made her feel to make something for them. So I started keeping them. But then ran into the issues of storage. My itty office was soon over run with cards from family members. So following is my solution.

Each kid has their own collection. What I like is the ease to add on and the fact they love taking out the “books” and re reading them.

D rings
Hole punch

Simply lunch a hole with the hole punch in the corner of the card and put the cards on the d ring.


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