Don’t have ragrets….or regrets.

Life happens. The world keeps turning, the sun rises from the east everyday, we live and we die; these are all things you can count on. Then there are things you can’t count on. Waking up each day, weatherman predictions and in some cases friends and family.

However, not the “our family should be a soap opera” type. The type of family who helped raise you. The type of friends that no matter the amount of years that pass, still call. The people in your life who when things get bad, like deep dark hole bad, are there to help you climb out. These are the type of people that no matter the mountain of faults you have; still love you unconditionally. These are the same people that when they are gone, a part of you is gone forever too. No tattoo of mom’s handwriting will every amount to the same memory you hold of getting that “I love you” in person.

In today’s world we don’t make memories like we used too. Our heads are always down watching our fingers dance across the keyboard or nose stuck to the computer. Instead of recalling what dad’s voice sounded like; all you remember is the sound the phone made when you received the last text from him. Furthermore, memories that could have been made over vacations are absent due to “life is just too busy” excuses. I’m here to say don’t let there be excuses.



Make memories. Make the memories you can hold in your heart and remember when things get tough. When time comes are you going to be sorry “life got busy”? Or are you going to regret you missed the memories you could have made. Feeling sorry is regret. Stop making excuses for the regrets.

Don’t regret not going on a family vacation. Go. Don’t regret not spending time with your kids. Make time. Don’t regret not calling family or friends. Call. Because they may not always be on the other line to pick up. Learn this lesson now before it’s too late.

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