I have to face the fact that Bug is growing up. And along with my realization, is the realization that his oh-so-cute preschool room has also out grown him. With our spawn I like to keep their room themes neutral to be able to grow with them. It saves me time, money and frustration. If one day they want Dora and the next it’s My Little Pony I don’t have to panic about finding new bedding and producing new decor.

So for Bugs new theme we are going with a superhero theme. A quick word if advice- we never purchase theme specific items for big ticket items. For example, we bought gender neutral stroller and car seat. This way we didn’t need to sell and rebuy since we had Bug first, then Diva.

For this project I went with a gender and theme neutral bedding set. This way if/when Bug out grows superheroes we have the choice/possibility to reuse the bedding. What I did change was the decor.

I love craft projects and I especially enjoy when I can rope Hubs into helping. I think the kids like knowing daddy had a hand in it.

First off, I took down his Hungry Caterpillar inspired canvas art my mom, aunt and myself created (eventually Ill share a DIY post about it). I spent hours on Pinterest building a board for Bug’s new room and after months of sitting on the project (I initially wrote this post in Feb!) I purchased the supplies for a few projects and can’t wait to share all my DIY projects I have planned. But what I will share is the bedding we choose.

It was a hard choice. We had painted my moms twin captains bed long before Bug was born and I did not feel like reprinting it again and with the amazingly cute striped rug in his room that matched perfectly; the bedding had to be just the right shades. But luckily with the Internet I was able to locate the amazingly perfect bedding set to start off his new room.

20130531-160918.jpg Must say- Target is amazing! Enough said.

Keep your eyes open for follow up posts on the progress of Bugs new room and DIY projects related. I might through in the projects from his toddler room as well.

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  1. i loved bug’s hungry caterpillar room and am sad to see it go. but he deserves a super-hero room for ‘super-bug’. love you

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