I bought the most popular baby books when I got pregnant with Bug. I kept them in the bathroom next to the toilet so when I was warming the floors with my hands and knees during 9 months of morning sickness, I could read about the wonderful person inside of me. But here’s a tip- don’t keep the books on the floor. Because when I overflowed the toilet, my companions were quickly bathed in “dirty” water. Those books were filled with miles of facts that helped me understand the scientific progress of my pregnancy. However, as a first time mom (or any number of pregnancy) I wish someone would have mentioned reading a mommy book like this one; Brave Mom by Sherry Surratt.

The book is real on mommy, and human, fears. Sherry presents honest questions to ask yourself dealing with fear in motherhood – Why is it hard to talk out loud about our fears? It’s a question every mom asks herself but never openly admits.

As women, we want to be viewed as strong and capable. Admitting fear shows our vulnerability. We correlate being strong to a physical ability, not a internal one. Let’s face it, no one wants to be viewed as weak. It is insulting and demeaning. A woman who feels she is weak in the eyes of others breaks her down and diminishes her confidence in herself. This lack of confidence leads to fear and distrust of all she knew. It’s a snowball effect that can last a lifetime and seep out of her and infect others (sorta like strep we all got a while back).

For me it is hard to put into words the thoughts you feel because then they become real and you are forced to face them.

So let’s get real folks. I’ll be the first to take a brave step and I’ll let you in past my “front door”. I have multiple fears; some small and some large. Some of my fears are utterly irrational and some are sadly probable.

I fear we live paycheck to paycheck (and I just realized I’m using our gas bill from last month as my bookmark for this book). I fear my parents dying. I fear world War 3. I’m afraid of getting into a car accident. I’m afraid of my children getting hurt when I could have prevented it. I’m afraid of snakes and spiders. I’m afraid of my children not having fun memories of me with them. I’m afraid my children will remember me as a yeller and the “punisher”. I’m afraid of life outside the Army lifestyle.

But what happens when one of those fears comes true? I’m not talking facing a snake or killing a spider. I’m talking about one I have dealt with day after day- having a chronically ill child. In my case we have two chronically ill children. So what do you do when you have to face a fear? When you have to tell a friend for the first time the fear is a reality? You own it. You own that fear and stand your ground.

The book is all about learning to own your fears and being brave inspite of them. At the end of each chapter Sherry asks honest questions for you to answer. The questions help open up your mind and bring those fears out to face. Face them in times of safety and security. This way when they happen, that fear won’t be a fear. It will be a brave face.

Want a chance to read all about facing your mom fears, growing as a mom and realizing you are never alone? Enter our giveaway to win a new copy of Brave Mom. Even if you already have a copy it is also a great gift to give to a new or expecting mom.

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