Yup. That happened. Adult tooth, root, gum and all. And all a hour before SB had her first official birthday party. 

I was taking a shower and assumed Bug was simply in trouble. Big trouble. Until Hubs walked into the bathroom and alerted me to “a emergency”. Hubs calmness is what alerted me that it was a real emergency and not a “we forgot the eggs for the birthday cake” kind. As I walked out of the bathroom all I saw was Bug with a bloody papertowel smashed into his mouth.  Yup. It was a REAL emergency.  Off to google to find a Pediactric dentist on a weekend. Which was unrealistically hard to do. 

First I called our new dentist. The one the kids have an appointment with in a week for a teeth cleaning. And the same one I had seen only a day before for my cleaning. Luckily for us they have night and weekend hours. Unfortunately for us they had no openings Saturday, even for a emergency. After that phone call was when we started calling around to find a Pediactric dentist. 30 minutes later we were in the car with Bug and his tooth in a cup of milk on the way to a dental clinic. 

Bug was calm when we reached the office. They brought him back and kept praising Hubs, who was holding the tooth in milk, for doing so. So I, ehh ummm, informed them it was my idea. 

Note: the dentist told us the best thing to do was put the tooth in milk to keep it from dying, then seeking dental care an hour within it coming out. This will give you the best chance of the tooth being reinserted. 

They moved Bug to a room at the back of the offices and get him to drink some sedation meds. Then the real “fun” happened. They didn’t give him enough to knock him out and with his adhd he refused to layback in the reclined chair. So instead my 7 year old became as combative as a mma fighter. At one point he was sliding around so much in the plastic coated chair his pants started falling down. Instead of pulling them up, his half way sedated self thought it was funny and instead pulled them all the way down! So I got a little frustrated with his behavior and knowing he really didn’t know what he was doing or remember he did it, I couldn’t get mad at him. I kept pushing him back into the chair and finally he had enough of me. I saw the look in his eyes and the next second I saw stars become he ninja kicked me in the temple. Yup. At the point I called Hubs to get back asap ( who had run to get gas) to take over refereeing Bug. Of course by the time he got back they had already started fixing him up. 

To spare you the gorey details, the tooth is back in. We have a long and expensive road ahead. Not only did Bug rip his adult tooth out, he slit his gums open and had to have stitches. After they took X-rays they realized why his tooth came out so easily and ripped the gum- with his severe thumb sucking habit he had pushed the one front tooth so far out it had worn down the thin layer of bone that your teeth are set in. The gum he tore will die as there is nothing holding it together anymore. Which means braces to fix the jacked out tooth, gum graphs to fix the gum, a possible root canal on the tooth if the reassurtion doesn’t work and dentures until his mouth is fully grown.

Yea, so lots of lessons learned:

Don’t let your kids suck their thumbs after they have their adult teeth. 

Dental work is expensive no matter the age. 

My son is combative when sedated (so is his dad). 

You don’t jump on stools. 


Counters always win. 

We are now on a soft food diet for weeks. Which is going to be so much fun (sarcasim) with a child with a feeding disorder. The kid is already underweight, so here is to keeping meat on his bones in the coming weeks. 

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