Been there done that. Got dragged through a many malls with my mom and grandma before I could fight back. I finally realized while I was with them none of my presents would be bought and then the fun died out for me pretty quick.

I made a decision soon after that there would never be a deal good enough for me to risk life or limb going out. That was until I had kids and realized there might be a day I would have to break that promise I made to myself.

The promise soon evolved into no Black Friday shopping unless there was some rare obscure hard to find toy that my kid might die if they didnt get. And we cant have that happening… my parent approval rating would go down.

Luckily, Black Friday shopping has matured as gracefully as I have. No longer do people have to line up after Turkey dinner for shopping.

Let’s face it- Black Friday is a dying trend.

Now we have the chance to do all our Black Friday shopping before the actual event. There is now Black Friday week shopping, Thursday store hours and sales that last through the weekend. Let’s not forget my favorite day Cyber Monday. Now I get to be a complete introvert and avoid all humans and do my shopping in peace. Thank heavens kids go back to school Monday.

So what do you do? Do you have a family tradition of Black Friday? Or are you joining the new wave of exploiting sales before then?

All in all, I like the new wave. Its letting family’s get back to being family’s and spending one more day of togetherness before it becomes too much and you are glad you live in opposite corners of the state.

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