I mentioned in a previous post that I have decided that the Erin Condren Life Planner is the one that best fits my needs. Every night after the kids are in bed, I pull my planner out and stare at it. It’s so pretty and the way I set it up and use it makes it so easy to read. During that time at night I update my week with cancellations, new appointments and start working on future appointments in the next month. Because I have used this planner system for a few years now I have tweaked my way of planning.

Three kids equal three different activities. Next, you add in my activities and then my husbands work schedule and I am tracking 5 people. At first it was hard and messy. However, being a type A person, in the early years I quickly developed a way to fastly and visually track who has what when. I grabbed a few different color highlighter and went to work.

Each colored sticker represents one of my spawn.
Each colored sticker represents one of my spawn.

It worked for me. It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional. This was three years ago. Since then things have drastically changed in the planner obsessed community. We went from just functionality to visually functionable (no technically that isn’t a word; but lets pretend).

Here is what a portion of the planner community does today to plan their weeks….


Is it time consuming. Well, duh! It’s not just a simple pen you are using. There are diecuts, stamps, stickers and labels. Some users even write in different pen colors and carry extra bags filled with supplies with them every where they go! To me this is a little too obsessive, too time consuming and too unrealistic. Sorry ladies, but with kids who has time at a doctors office, for example, to stop pull out your supplies and do a little decorating. Instead, I do all mine after the kids are in bed and I KISS (keep it simple stupid).


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