When we moved to Tennessee last year, we were coming from Arizona. Watching our country’s landscape change as we travelled across the country was so cool. The dusty, rocky, mountains to the level plains, to the riverside beauty of Arkansas (I had no idea Little Rock was that pretty!), to the gorgeous hills of Tennessee. With Fall colors in full bloom. The colors are so striking and when the sun shines through the canopy of gold, it is truly breathtaking.

Last week on Thursday, it was a day of field trips to the pumpkin patch, trunk or treats, making 100 pieces of cornbread (another story), and more. It was a busy day for sure and I was feeling a little stretched. But then I turned the corner and saw this view:


It makes it a little easier to appreciate what you have with this staring back at you through your windshield doesn’t it?

Grateful today for all the different places we have lived as a military family, and trying to remember to stop and appreciate the beauty.  Have a great day!

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