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You can’t plan their lives; but at least you can plan their invitations.

Basic Invite let’s you (ya know; the parent) be in charge. Remember all those times when you “thought” you where while parenting. At least now you actually can have full control over color, samples and addin’ some sparkle to help you celebrate their special occasion. 

From kindergarten to college

Kindergarten seems so…unofficial. Almost like, I still have a chance to stop time and make my youngest stay small forever. However, then I would be dealing with her 45 tantrums a day and I just can’t do that. I mean, I know that they say God will never give you more than you can handle; but sometimes I think he stretched a little far when he gave me her. 

A common saying in our home is that our youngest child won’t need a college fund; she’ll need bail money. She is pretty stubborn (still not sure where she got that from), so I hope she will prove us wrong. However, until then I’ll dream of the day where I’m no longer legally responsible for her; because about that time is when she should graduate high school. And a celebration we shall have!

A big one, like a freakin huge one. With balloons and streamers and cake and music and dancing and…stuff. It means she proved us wrong and she is on her way to adulthood (and I don’t have to save for bail money anymore). However, until then, I’ll plot, I’ll plan and I’ll lay in wait for her to flip that tassel from one side to the other (hopefully).

“For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you”- Andrew McMahon.

And you …. and you. Cause you know, I ain’t that mom who shows favoritism. I love all my kids…most of the time. I think that it is pretty common among mothers with multiple children. Don’t lie; you know there are times where you wish you could give them to the next band of gypsies that knock on the door. However, then there are moments where you wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are kinda cute you know (and don’t forget about that tax credit!).

Will I be sad when my oldest graduates high school? Maybe, but I do have two spares to go. Furthermore, since he is a boy, he could care less what his graduation invites look like. Which means I have free reign on color and design; just like it should be. Because if mama ain’t happy; nobody happy. 

Right now hand lettering and throw backs are all the rage with design. I. myself, dabble in hand lettering. I love mixing fonts together to make the lettering a piece of artwork itself. Which is why I’m in love with their products. Here are just a few that strike my fancy.


photo credit @BasicInvite

Now, with my youngest and her being the more stubborn one, I might have to let her have a little more control over what her announcements and invitations look like. But with over 180 colors to chose from, I know what ever color is in style then Basic Invite will have it. However, who knows what the “in thing” will be once my youngest graduates high school or even **gasp** college. Or even if she will. No, but really, I do love her with all my butt; because it’s bigger than my heart. 

However, as a parent, you know how to negotiate with your child. Just think of them as miniature terrorists (because they will always be your little baby). Let them pick from over 40 colored envelopes, however, only if you get to chose the rest of the swag. Or even better, since Basic Invite, is one of only a few companies that lets your order a real version of your invitation; you can see it before you mail it. Ya know, to make sure all those colors match. 


However, let’s make one thing clear. No matter if my daughter and I disagree on the colors or layout, she better be freakin’ happy I kept her and didn’t hand her over to the gypsies. For that, I think a Thank You” note is called for. I mean, I do try and teach my children manners. They may not use them with me, but I know they do with other people. That is why I am so happy that Basic Invite also carries a line of graduation thank you cards. Otherwise, my kids just might get a swift kick in the butt out the door with a quick “see ya later alligator”. But they shouldn’t worry too much. If they use Basic Invite’s discount code: 15FF51, I know they will be able to afford those “Thank You” notes.

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