You are some very lucky readers. This week we have two Friday posts! I linked up my amazingness with Mrs AOK A Work in Progress to do a feature called Ask Away Friday. I love this topic idea because I feel excited getting to know new people outside my little bubble in the big wide world of blogging. We each made up and swapped 10 questions for the other to answer. Make sure you head on over to Mrs AOK to see what I asked!

Real Housewife Of Caroline County

1. What made you want to blog? 
MrsMissionControl (my co-blogger) and I were forever sharing resources, tips and stories about raising our ASD kids. We relied on each other for support, which we felt was lacking in the military community. We realized there had to be more military families like ours going through the same scenarios and needing support. 
2. We both have three babies, 2 daughters and a son; how do you {or try to} organize your chaos and military lifestyle? Military wives/husbands hold the fort down it’s tough.. I’ve been there.
 Organize? That word isnt in my vocab. It’s honestly more disorganization. I am having some short term memory issues which never helps. Wait…what was the question? Oh, I write EVERYTHING down in my amazing Erin Condren Planner. I’m counting down the days until November because thats when I get to order a new one!

3. Have you ever Vlogged? 
Nope, I hate the sound of my voice. So much I refuse to have a personal voicemail message. 
4. Are you the queen of the kitchen or the queen of ordering out? 
It used to all be about where I could get food fastest. But now, I have reached a new level of crazy… I cook home-made or semi-home-meals every night. 
5. Twitter, Facebook or Google+, which is your favorite and why?
I used to be the one people came to for whats the best to use. At this point I cant even tell you what Google+ is and if I get one more Candy Crush invite my computer will go through a window. I like Twitter only because it is the only one I could figure out how to link my Instagram and Facebook account too to post simultaneously. 
6. Is there a blog you’re stalking hardcore right now? 
That would imply I have leisure time to read. 
7. If you could only save one app on your phone which would it be? 
I went back and forth between two. But stuck with Pinterest. I am a creative person and use it as a stress outet. But because of my memory issues I forget what I’m even working on. So I use it as a reference and how to guide.
8. Do you have a blogging ritual? Yes, its called sit-down-inbetween-poopy-diapers-therapists-meals-chores-and-remember-you-forgot-to-pee-all-day-ritual. And then I finally write. 
9. Do you find blogging therapeutic? 
Extremely. I have seen my fair share of therapists and coursers and none of them can ever help like writing does. If you could hear all the crap I actually want to say to people, I would have been shot and jailed a long time ago. Haha, so blogging, calms me down thinking what I am writing could actually help someone else.
10. Do you have any tips for new young military spouses?  
Yes, I think the best thing they can do is learn about what their husband actually does. This is a lifestyle and most make it a career, which means many many years. If you spend all those years with your head up your butt and have no idea what is going on with the life/career you have, then you are doing yourself and your marriage a disservice. If you ask him questions about his job and listen, then when he comes home and vents, talks or just unloads about his day, you can actually have a active part in the conversation instead of just slapping a fake smile on your face and acting like you know exactly what he is talking about.  You might not be able to solve his work problems for him; but I think he will feel calmer knowing you actually might know what he is talking about and he isnt talking to a brick wall. If you think you have no real reason to learn, then maybe this life style isnt for you.

22 Replies to “Ask Away Friday with Mrs. AOK”

  1. Thanks for swapping with me! You’re right Pinterest is a great outlet… it makes me happy!
    Vlogging is scary; I too had fears about my voice sounding blah… but it actually sounds different on video 🙂
    I 100% agree you should know your spouse’s job. My husband was in the Army and things are quite political you have to know the politics of the Army and even the FRG. I think it’s wise to make friends who know what you’re going through too.

      1. Why is the sound of our voice so scary?! Maybe it’s the many times i have answered the phone in the morning and one of Hubs soldiers thinks I’m him. That certainly doesn’t boost my confidence to blog anytime soon.

  2. Too funny, I’m glad you had the time to answer the 10 questions lol. It was great getting to meet you and visiting your blog. I’m a newbie to #AAF hope to visit your blog again

    1. Thanks for visiting! Glad I could answer them as well. It was nice to do something a little different and new for me.

  3. Coming by via Ask Away Friday. Great getting to know you! I love your site background. The more I hear vlogging mentioned, the more i want to try it, but I find my self wondering what is the best post to vlog instead of blog? Maybe next AAF I will vlog one of my answers…{thinking out loud}

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I love the background too. Hehe, I took the photo on my coffee table. Got to get creative when you have no funds. I also think its a great idea to try vlogging. I don’t think its for me, but I would love to see yours!

  4. The voice thing is my favorite. I don’t think I know anyone who actually likes the sound of their voice (as opposed to all the people I know who figuratively love the sound of their voice). My in-laws used to think I was a girl when I would call their house while dating their daughter in high school. That was quite the blow to my self-esteem!

    1. Lol, nick! That is great. Yea, being mistaken for one of his soldiers on the phone didn’t do much help for my self esteem after I had just had our first kid and trying unsuccessful to lose baby weight. But being mistaken for a girl is just as bad. Do you have a personalized voicemail? I just can’t bring myself to even do that.

    1. Nice to meet you too! Maybe we should all set a day and all do our first vlog post simultaneously to get over our fears?!

  5. Wow! And I thought the life of a SAHM was crazy! It seems like I keep hearing the same thing…blogging let’s us have an outlet and a way to express our thoughts and connect with other people like us in the world.

    Such wonderful advice you have for new military wives! I honestly think all us newbie wives can learn a thing or two from that 🙂 It was so nice getting to know more about you by reading this!

    1. I just really think its important to understand the lifestyle you live so you can enjoy it and take it at its full advantage.

      And I think with all the changes military families go through we encounter a lot of stress and not always family that is understanding. It’s important to find a outlet whether it be blogging, crafting or a y hobby hat relaxes you!

  6. I don’t like the sound of my voice either! I think I sound like someone’s child instead of someone’s mother…yet another reason I’m not sure vlogging is the right move for me..LOL Thanks for joining us for #AskAwayFriday 😀

    1. Vlogging would also require people seeing what I look like. I have lost about 30 pounds, but still feel like I look like “the fat girl”. I’m still in that mindset. They only realization I have is I went from a size 14 to a 4. Or even people seeing a mass chaos in the background! I actually think that would be worse.

      1. WOW! Congratulations! That’s an awesome accomplishment…I get having to wait for your mind to catch up with where your body is but KUDOS! As for the chaos in can always use a backdrop..LOL 😉

        1. Oo a backdrop. That does up the percentage of possibility on vlogging. What a amazing idea!

          Yes, losing weight is a amazing accomplishment. But I can’t take full responsibility as I was dx with a health issue and after getting on a treatment program and working out and changing my eating habits I finally lost weight. It’s one of those things that I was so focused on my kids and their issues, I neglected myself.

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