The debate of the right to conceal and carry in our household and in our family is a huge one. As I mentioned before Hubs is a solider, and yes he owns guns. But no, he doesn’t have a permit to conceal and carry. And it’s a very heated debate that gets raised more commonly in our family during large family gatherings.

I of course don’t see a need to conceal and carry. Do we honestly live in a world where carry a element that will/can kill another human in a instant is a must? Most who have conceal and carry permits feel it is a MUST. That there is no other solution. I also guess they have never met a U.S. Marine. —> because this writer right here has been told they can kill in 5-7 seconds with just their hands. So why do you need a gun? Ill just have Hubs with me at times I feel I need a little extra security. And Disney Worls is not one of them. Who are you afraid of? A pimple popping teen in a bear costume?

That’s why when I read this story, I opening opened up Pandora’s box to discuss conceal and carry with Hubs. Surprisingly he agree, Disney World isn’t a place you need to bring a gun. I can name several other places; but ill stop myself from climbing a soap box. For now, or at least until the next person decides to make headlines by bringing a conceal weapon and leaving it in a pew in a church for a kid to find.

Read about how a grandma found a fully loaded gun lost by a man with a conceal and carry permit at DISNEY WORLD here

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