It is a emphatic “WE CAN DO THIS”, I scream.  And I am already shaking my head laughing that we probably wont. But lets be positive now!

31 days of geocaching - aug2013


31 one days seems like a lot. But I bet we can do it. Right? So let the planning begin. Tell me about your adventures as you take the 31 Day Geocache Challenge with me.

As a mother of three, I plan on working them into my day as we do errands. At times it can seem impossible trying to find a easy one with kids in tow. But remember that list I created of caches to do with kids?! Now, it can come in handy. And as a added selfie bonus – Bug starts back to school Aug. 19. Which means I’m down a kid! That new ratio will come in super handy, especially when Diva is a preschool and its just me and SB.

So I say- Challenge accepted!

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