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Summer Of Sanity Series- St. Louis, Missouri

Summer Of Sanity Series- St. Louis, Missouri

And 12 Places You Need To Visit St.Louis With Kids. Do it people. I can’t begin to tell you all the memories you will make by taking a few days or a week visiting St. Louis, Missouri   I need to prepare you that St. […]

Playing The Local Tourist – Hawaii Part 2 (Pic Heavy)

If you missed my first post about being a local tourist, read that first! This past summer we had another opportunity to play a local tourist when Hubs family visited. I was so excited to see everything again. We saw most of the “must see” […]

Zoo Scavenger Hunt Printable

I am always trying to find activities we can do with the kids that don’t require extreme special agent stalking-like vigils of the kids at all times. Having out numbered ourselves with kids; its better, calmer and less stressful for us all if the activity is something where the kids can be…kids. Two […]