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DIY Trail Mix Bags

I while back I blogged about how I acquired my sons old school pencil box and turned it into our snack boxes we stash in the diaper bag and purse. It is a amazing idea because I know you as well as me hates cracker […]

Welcome Baskets!

I am almost fully recovered after Labor Day weekend!  We had a great time and were blessed enough to have 9 family members come for a visit!!!  We hung out by the pool, went hiking, grilling, sightseeing and it was so much fun.  My boys […]

A Choice We Shouldn’t Have To Make

This song rang through my head over and over when we boarded our flight to PCS to Hawaii in 2010. I never knew 3.5 years could go by so fast. I didn’t know I would actually be sad to leave this place. But home is […]

31 Days of Geocaching – WE CAN DO THIS!

31 Days of Geocaching – WE CAN DO THIS!

It is a emphatic “WE CAN DO THIS”, I scream.  And I am already shaking my head laughing that we probably wont. But lets be positive now!   31 one days seems like a lot. But I bet we can do it. Right? So let […]

Snack Box

I’m wearing a few hats today as I’m writing this post. So excuse my photo background. But as a mom, you all know how we must adjust and go with the flow more than actually following the path we intended. I plan on being home […]

Mommy Moment Monday

This just cracked me up! Have a great week!

Our Newest Adventure- Geocaching

I had a adrenaline rush yesterday when our family started geocache hunting. I only heard about this real world treasure hunt last week. However, it has been going on since 2000 (read more about the history of geocaching here). Contrary to the title, I don’t […]

My Only Stroller- B•O•B Jogger

When discovering we were blessed with a third pregnancy my mind started spitting out lists of all the things we needed to buy, sell, move, prepare and more. One of the things that was most important on my list was a new stroller and new […]