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Crying Ugly Tears Over Hobby Lobby

Crying Ugly Tears Over Hobby Lobby

  Hold on tight to your Rae Dunn mugs ladies and wrap those over-sized knitted blankets around your body.   I felt like my heart was ripped from my saggy boobed chest. I was wasting more of my life away being sucked into the Facebook […]

Blank _______

I had goals in my life. I’m sure we all make them at some point. All goals we think normal people want to achieve. Graduating college, getting a job in your field, marriage, family, traveling, maybe even writing a book. I had several. Age 22 […]


Forgive me for being so late with my posts, August has been and is a extremely busy month for our family. With Bug starting back to school and Diva switching schools, there is a lot of adjustments the kids are experiencing. Making each day a […]