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Planners 101: Basic Information And Guide

Planners 101: Basic Information And Guide

Planner Basics and Guide No fluff, no useless information; just knowledge. So it’s the year and you set some resolutions. One resolution you might have chosen is being more organized (or looking like it), or to stop forgetting things and start being on time. Whatever […]

Mahalo Hawaii: Our final goodbyes a year later

  We have been back on the mainland for almost a year now. Time as past by so fast, I can’t even remember last week. I think we are finally over ever obstacle that we have faced… Well almost. There is this little thing called a […]

Observations of Southern Living

Observations of Southern Living

If you don’t know,  I “recently”, as of July, moved to Fort Bragg,  North Carolina. Previously, we lived in Hawaii stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Base for four years. It was four years of ideaic summer weather. No one in our family owned a pair […]

A Summer Abroad

Is it over yet? Is it time to pawn my children off at school and take more than a 3 minute power nap? If I fall asleep on the toilet one more time I might commit myself. Our summer break has been anything but; however, […]

Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

Just recently the kids and I completed 5 stages of a road trip for our PCS from Hawaii to North Carolina. The last leg of our trip was over 800 miles, two days and 15 hours of driving. I am flying solo and needed all […]

Nothing Completes a PCS like a Trip to the ER

I think I have read that title phrase a million times and sadly it is still true. So here to entertain you on your Monday is the first story from PCS hell. Our first PCS was a overseas tour four years and one kid ago. […]

With A Smile on my Face and a Song in my Heart- Trying to Remain Pleasant While Visiting Family

We have all been there before; thrusted into a situation with a family member who makes some comments about your children or family. Most common “well your cousins son does that and he’s fine”, “it’s just a phase”, and “they will out grow it”. I […]

Transferring Your Prescription During a PCS

Yea, you caught me… “Transferring your prescription during a PCS” is not a word. However, it is a aggregating phrase to hear during an already aggregating time of a PCS. Here’s my story- two months ago I called Tricare and then Express Scripts regarding our […]