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How To Wash Legos

How To Wash Legos

So guess what else cats think is similar to cat litter? Legos. Yup, hundreds of Legos left on the floor by my kids. Awesome. But how in the world do you clean little pieces of absolute hell, brimstone and fire? I’ve heard of people putting […]

5 Must Have Car Accessories For Family Road Trips

5 Must Have Car Accessories For Family Road Trips

It’s inevitably. Eventually, some time in your life you will end up on a road trip with your kids either out of necessity or pleasure. Hopefully, it’s the latter. Because who wants to be forced into a 14 hour road trip with three kids? Not […]

Stuck on a Ride We Can Never Get Off- Tricare’s ABA Policy in the News Again

We, as parents of children with special needs, boarded this roller coaster of emotion sometime back, assumed at one point we could get off. Ok, maybe I am the only parent who thought this and now reality has adjusted my once jaded view, but I […]

Count Your Blessings; no ER Trip This Time

Well about 4 years ago we packed up our home and moved to Hawaii. We were idealistic and thought this would be an adventure of a lifetime. Id never thought I’d move away from my home Midwestern state and here I was, with kids in […]

Tips to Help Teach Your ASD How to Wash Themselves

Sniff. My children are growing up. All those cute little quirks they used to have aren’t so cute anymore. I’ll admit some are annoying, aggravating and time consuming. At the end of the day all I want to do is have some clean and happy […]

Social Stories

New experiences are scary. I get so nervous and frightened when I have to drive somewhere I have never been and approach someone I have never talked to. Yes, me who loves to talk, gets nauseatingly nervous to talk to new people. Knowing how I […]

My Child is Diagnosed with ASD. Now What?

When Bug got diagnosed with PDD-NOS I was completely ignorant to the types of therapy that might help him. I of course had heard of ASD and all its components, but I really didn’t know what there was in types of assistance to help them. […]

Tricare Comments on Government Shutdown

Tricare has released a statement in regards to the government shutdown on how health care will proceed. Please read. It reads that if you see private doctors your care will not be effected. It will mainly effect those who use a military medical center. Staffs […]