Seeking Life Beyond The Carpool Line With a Glue Gun In One Hand and Coffee In the Other

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No School Tomorrow. Please Send Wine.

When I was a kid I walked up hill in the snow both ways with no shoes on and socks on my hands for gloves….. Well, maybe not that drastic. But these kids today are so soft. After a two hour delay that turned into […]

Erin Condren DIY Contact Dashboard

Erin Condren DIY Contact Dashboard

I like planners. I’m a nerd. I love office supplies, pens and washi tape. A few years back I was searching for the best planner for me (there is no such thing as perfect). I’m was then that I ran across the Erin Condren Life […]

Mom for the Win! Lunch Note to the Cafeteria Lady

We all go through that stage. You know…the stage of picky eating. In one point in your child’s life you will deal with tantrums over eating broccoli or As I have written before, it is a constant in our home, but not over the […]

Brave Mom Book Review and Giveaway

Brave Mom Book Review and Giveaway

I bought the most popular baby books when I got pregnant with Bug. I kept them in the bathroom next to the toilet so when I was warming the floors with my hands and knees during 9 months of morning sickness, I could read about […]

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

It’s been a rough few weeks friends. I’ve deal with family members getting diagnosised with cancer,  our bank accounts hacked,  no access to money to buy food,  evolved in a hit and run in one car and the bumper being ripped off on the other; […]

The Moment When….

The moment when you step on something on the bathroom floor. You look down to see a dried mass of brown….something. Then three feet away you notice the wet toilet paper with a matching brown mass of ….something. Then you remember how 5 minutes before […]

Bullying vs Rude vs Mean

Ugh! I want to pull my hair out. First spring break and now some random state holiday. These kids need to be back in school. They are getting on each other’s nerves and mine. Every 5 seconds it’s “he did this….” Or “she did that…”. […]

Beyond Our Front Porch

Today I had MOPS. Our co-coordinator spoke about telling your life story and creating your story board to help. It was a great talked and it brought back a few things I have been trying to work on personally and goals I want to achieve. […]