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5 IOS Apps To Play Together To Play With Your Spouse

5 IOS Apps To Play Together To Play With Your Spouse

Why Should I Play IOS Apps With Your Spouse? You’re probably asking yourself “why would I want to play games with him on the phone? I’m always yelling at him to get off it.” Listen up here ya’ll- I’ma gonna tell you why I play […]

I Get Nightmares Too

I Get Nightmares Too

It was about… 6am when I started to write this. I slept for about 2 hours total last night and was fiddling around on my phone this morning to keep myself from going back to sleep. I’m was so paranoid to close my eye’s and sleep at that point because I […]


I got a “wonderful” call yesterday from our long term storage provider at our last base. They stated that our lease on our storage was up this past JULY and we needed to come remove our items. Well there might be sort of a small […]

Wedding invitation shadow box

Next summer hubby and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe, it’s gone pretty fast!  So fast, that there are certain projects that I have been meaning to do that I feel I can no longer put off.  One example?  Doing […]

Happy 8 Years

Happy 8 years of marriage to amazing husband. Our “first dance” song Blessid Union of Souls – Hold Her Close When you see love And you don’t know what it is You might find yourself in fear To show your heart But when you feel […]

So True!

My parents will be married for 53 years next month. They met when they were 15 and 14 and dated all through high school too. They’ve had their share of ups and downs, but were always 100% committed to their marriage. Thanks Mom and Dad […]

got thong?

My husband is one of the most helpful, considerate, and loving people that I know. He is able to keep his cool in the most stressful situations, and keep an objective perspective when things get hectic. He also always makes me laugh. One of my […]