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A Great Place To Breathe In Fayetteville- Wine Cafe

A Great Place To Breathe In Fayetteville- Wine Cafe

| Yo, this is a sponsored post. | Disclaimer- I was given a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Fayetteville Wine Cafe Let’s Wine Newbies and Sommelier’s An Equal […]

Here are a few of my favorite things….Jamberry Nails, Washi Tape and Office supplies

The other night I dvred and finally got to watch the 50th anniversary of the Sound of Music. I love that movie. Hubs does not. So I watched the special during the day feeling like a addict trying to hide their addiction. During that same […]

Making your own pearl

So the last year or so of my life has been crazy.  A husband deployed for 12 months, my youngest diagnosed with ASD ( autism spectrum disorder), my older son who was already diagnosed with ASD and his full load of therapy appointments, doctors, school, […]