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Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

| YO, THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. | Disclaimer- I was given monetary compensation or a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.   You can’t plan their lives; but […]

I Fear What I Cannot See   Growing A New Me

I Fear What I Cannot See Growing A New Me

Have you ever watched a thunderstorm roll in at night? At first, the sky is clear. There might be a few spotty clouds and stars. Oh, the stars! Everything related to parenting is picturesque in the beginning. However, far off in the distance you hear the thunder […]

Mom for the Win! Lunch Note to the Cafeteria Lady

We all go through that stage. You know…the stage of picky eating. In one point in your child’s life you will deal with tantrums over eating broccoli or As I have written before, it is a constant in our home, but not over the […]

ABC Mouse!

So today’s Wordy Wednesday post is not really an acronym, but ABC is kind of an abbreviation, right?  ABC Mouse is something my husband actually discovered one day when we were at my parent’s house.  The kids were watching Nick Jr., and there was a […]

Un-childproofing lunch

Okay, so I have written before about packing lunch for my kiddo on the autism spectrum who has just started kindergarten.  He is my first child to go to school, so I am definitely having a little trouble “letting go.”  I worry about stuff all […]

Rubber Bands on Steroids

It’s has been a busy, yet productive, week in our house! I love these weeks and the weather makes it so much more enjoyable since I did a lot of running around. Rain boots clash with most of my outfits 🙂 Im always loving this […]

Back to School with GFCF Bread!

I can’t believe it but it’s back to school time in our house!  My oldest starts Kindergarten on Monday, and I swear I’m having heart palpitations!  Well, not really but this is an exciting time with a lot of changes to our routine!  Both our […]

Goals, Not Grades, Matter in School

Within the next few weeks Bug will go back to school to start kindergarten testing. I am buying school supplies, stocking up on new clothes and plan on taking him shopping for a new lunch box of his choosing later this week. Having already completed […]