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Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Movies lie. Liar liar pants on fire. There was no climatic scene showing the drama and action of a slow mode car accident. In reality, it was instantaneous and ugly. However, just like a movie; I can still rewind the accident and replay it over […]

Happy Birthday, Son

Around this time of year we watch a lot of holiday movies along with holidays classics like a “Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman”. So everytime I say happy birthday today, I keep having Frosty the Snowman pop into my head spouting his lines […]

The Moment When…ASD Kid Problems

The moment when your ASD kid tells you he doesn’t want to eat the pieces of corn with the flat parts. Wait, what? Doesn’t every kernel of corn have flat parts? It’s called the sides. Oh geeze, I flashback to the Spaghettio debacle. Thought I […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you hear the “barking seal”. We heard it all night. It never stopped, until of course I took Bug to the doctor this morning. Then he stopped barking and SB started wheezing. Is today Monday? Sure felt like it. First it started […]

10 Best Apps For Kids With Autism

10 Best Apps for Kids With Autism

The Moment When…

The moment when you can laugh at your child’s smelly misfortune. We went to a local store and Bug decided to smell some very strong and fragrant perfume on himself. We didn’t notice it to much as we walked home, but once we were inside […]