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Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Movies lie. Liar liar pants on fire. There was no climatic scene showing the drama and action of a slow mode car accident. In reality, it was instantaneous and ugly. However, just like a movie; I can still rewind the accident and replay it over […]

Count Your Blessings; no ER Trip This Time

Well about 4 years ago we packed up our home and moved to Hawaii. We were idealistic and thought this would be an adventure of a lifetime. Id never thought I’d move away from my home Midwestern state and here I was, with kids in […]

Lumbar Puncture (evil!)

Lumbar Puncture is a seemingly acknowledgable realization that it will hurt. You hear the word lumbar puncture, or spinal tap, and most people instantly know it evolves pain and needles going into your spine. No normal mentally stable person sees it as a easy light-hearted […]


So I had a great post all planned out. lt was gonna introduce you all to MOPS or if you already know about them let you know how I love them. And then life happened and now I will sadly define ACC. ACC (Acute Care […]

got thong?

My husband is one of the most helpful, considerate, and loving people that I know. He is able to keep his cool in the most stressful situations, and keep an objective perspective when things get hectic. He also always makes me laugh. One of my […]