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Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

| YO, THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. | Disclaimer- I was given monetary compensation or a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.   You can’t plan their lives; but […]

I’m Not Just Another Mom Blog

I’m Not Just Another Mom Blog

Your Fired!   After 10 years, a decade of service to this family, I’m fired from motherhood. As of August 28th, I will have no children at home to care for. All three of my children will be in elementary school. There is a shift […]

I Fear What I Cannot See   Growing A New Me

I Fear What I Cannot See Growing A New Me

Have you ever watched a thunderstorm roll in at night? At first, the sky is clear. There might be a few spotty clouds and stars. Oh, the stars! Everything related to parenting is picturesque in the beginning. However, far off in the distance you hear the thunder […]

Mommy Moment

Today is the day! My trifecta of happiness started. By some mere miracle, I was able to get Diva into a closer prek (she started today) which was right down the street from our house. So now I can easily walk Bug to school in […]

We Hit a Growth Spurt!

If this is your first time finding us welcome! You can learn more about us and who we are under “Crazed Authors”. If this isn’t your first time here you may notice a few changes, in particular, our categories and blog mission. We changed our […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you realize the “baby” can now open all the doors in the house. The bathroom is no longer safe. SB surprised me yesterday when she walked in on me using the bathroom. I never lock my doors because I am to afraid […]

Bugs Room Transformation

I have to face the fact that Bug is growing up. And along with my realization, is the realization that his oh-so-cute preschool room has also out grown him. With our spawn I like to keep their room themes neutral to be able to grow […]