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Call Me Maybe?

Call Me Maybe?

Don’t have ragrets….or regrets. Life happens. The world keeps turning, the sun rises from the east everyday, we live and we die; these are all things you can count on. Then there are things you can’t count on. Waking up each day, weatherman predictions and […]

Oh how the cookie crumbles 

writing this at 1 on a school night I admit, I’m fighting off cold medication and a ambient.  Four years ago, I feel it was the prime of my life. Living in Hawaii, sun everyday, outside activities, and a job full of people who were […]

I Get Nightmares Too

I Get Nightmares Too

It was about… 6am when I started to write this. I slept for about 2 hours total last night and was fiddling around on my phone this morning to keep myself from going back to sleep. I’m was so paranoid to close my eye’s and sleep at that point because I […]

Beauty amidst the hubbub

When we moved to Tennessee last year, we were coming from Arizona. Watching our country’s landscape change as we travelled across the country was so cool. The dusty, rocky, mountains to the level plains, to the riverside beauty of Arkansas (I had no idea Little […]

With A Smile on my Face and a Song in my Heart- Trying to Remain Pleasant While Visiting Family

We have all been there before; thrusted into a situation with a family member who makes some comments about your children or family. Most common “well your cousins son does that and he’s fine”, “it’s just a phase”, and “they will out grow it”. I […]


So I spent a long time this morning ordering a gift for my husband for Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15- don’t forget!!!).  I had one of those $20 coupons for but the gift I made was less than $20 so I couldn’t use it…So […]

Traveling Tips with Preschoolers

Well it has started … our grand tour of hotel rooms, air mattress and visiting family our kids have never met. Their routines are getting changed hourly, their limited diets shrank and tantrums are a common hourly event. I’m not gonna lie, during lunch today […]

Tips to Help Teach Your ASD How to Wash Themselves

Sniff. My children are growing up. All those cute little quirks they used to have aren’t so cute anymore. I’ll admit some are annoying, aggravating and time consuming. At the end of the day all I want to do is have some clean and happy […]