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The Summer Of Sanity: Family Travel Series Coming Soon!

The Summer Of Sanity: Family Travel Series Coming Soon!

A Blog Post Series Of Family Friendly Travel Vacations Around Fort Bragg, North Carolina. All hell broke loose last year when our youngest started school. She is our lover. Needer of physical touch and conversation. The type of person who just needs to sit next […]

10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

Mama didn’t raise no fool I like to think my childhood was pretty bomb diggity. I lived in the suburbs of a major city that had and still has some of the countries best family attractions. I spent the better part of my summer vacations […]

Snacks that are pretty (and) nutritious!

I saw this picture of an awesome snack for kids on pinterest and had to share: I just thought it was so creative and cute.  In my dinosaur-obsessed household it would be a sure hit.  What are some of the favorite, pretty, and nutritious snacks […]

What to do with unstructured time?

So as I’ve shared on oh-so-many posts, my kiddos have a ton of weekly appointments on top of their school day. Most nights we aren’t “off the clock” until well after 5:00 or even 6:00 pm. However, summer is soon to be upon us, which […]


So last night we saw that we had some winter weather coming our way.  But, we figured, hey, it’s March.  It’s almost Springtime.  Plus, we’ve already had more than 6 days off of school so far this year because of weather.  My kids even had […]

Geocaching – Lists of Family Friendly Hawaii Caches and More

We have been participating in Geocaching now for about a month. We just found our 10th one! Why am I excited? Because often I can have the commitment issues. I love discovering new games, products, tips, and more. But after a few uses or a […]

Our Newest Adventure- Geocaching

I had a adrenaline rush yesterday when our family started geocache hunting. I only heard about this real world treasure hunt last week. However, it has been going on since 2000 (read more about the history of geocaching here). Contrary to the title, I don’t […]