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Finding Yourself In The New Year Amongst The Old You- Part 1

Finding Yourself In The New Year Amongst The Old You- Part 1

Sup sexy? How are you today? I wanna know who here did something for themselves over the holidays? I’ll say it and be that mom—I’m excited my kids are back in school and regular routines. Even after winter break was over, we experienced another week […]

Nationwide Can’t Insure your Kid

So Lets face it… my husband and I dvr’ed the Superbowl for one reason- the commercials. As a communications major and working in the PR field, I love seeing the creativity that comes with the battle of the bowl. The real competition isn’t between the […]

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

It’s been a rough few weeks friends. I’ve deal with family members getting diagnosised with cancer,  our bank accounts hacked,  no access to money to buy food,  evolved in a hit and run in one car and the bumper being ripped off on the other; […]

McDonalds and Autism

When we first moved to here, we went through doctor after doctor meeting the new team of specialists we would be seeing for the next few years. During one of those meetings the micro progress of Bugs eating came into the conversation. The kid looked […]

Laundry Fail… or Not?

Laundry fail… or not? I have a rule I follow. I would rather have a multitude abundance of clothes for my children then do laundry every day. With three kids, multiple therapists, and Hubs uniforms, I rarely have time to pee alone than do laundry. […]