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Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Bodies Are Healing But Mom Guilt Lingers From Car Accident

Movies lie. Liar liar pants on fire. There was no climatic scene showing the drama and action of a slow mode car accident. In reality, it was instantaneous and ugly. However, just like a movie; I can still rewind the accident and replay it over […]

Nothing Completes a PCS like a Trip to the ER

I think I have read that title phrase a million times and sadly it is still true. So here to entertain you on your Monday is the first story from PCS hell. Our first PCS was a overseas tour four years and one kid ago. […]

Count Your Blessings; no ER Trip This Time

Well about 4 years ago we packed up our home and moved to Hawaii. We were idealistic and thought this would be an adventure of a lifetime. Id never thought I’d move away from my home Midwestern state and here I was, with kids in […]

Are Ambulance Rides Covered?

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!  Short weeks after having a Monday off are always a little weird for me.  It feels like Monday but it’s really Tuesday.  Same amount of work fewer days to do it, you know the drill.  This week has […]