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A Great Place To Breathe In Fayetteville- Wine Cafe

A Great Place To Breathe In Fayetteville- Wine Cafe

| Yo, this is a sponsored post. | Disclaimer- I was given a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Fayetteville Wine Cafe Let’s Wine Newbies and Sommelier’s An Equal […]

DIY Cake Keeper

Normally in Foodie Fridays we like to post tested and approved recipes from our own kitchens. I wanted to mix it up this week, ( and truth be told, I’m at the airport right now and don’t have a recipe to share ūüôā ) and […]

Yummy Spritz Cookies!

These are a family favorite, and the perfect recipe to use with your cookie press. ¬†Their small size makes them easy to eat without feeling too guilty, and the simple recipe makes them great to give as gifts. ¬†They are a Christmas favorite in our […]

GFCF dirt cupcakes!!!!

TGIF, everybody! ¬†Okay, so I have done several posts involving gluten-free/ casein-free (GFCF) recipes that I make for my kiddos. ¬†We have done a pretty good job of being able to serve them a variety of healthy foods even on this sometimes limiting diet. That […]

Chocolate minute mug cake

Yummy recipe alert! Who hasn’t had a day where all you want to do is unwind with some chocolate? ¬†Or, maybe share a yummy chocolate treat with that someone special while you watch a movie? ¬†Maybe you get a hankering for some chocolate cake but […]

GFCF diet? Yummy homemade cookies! BAM!

So both of my kids are on a gluten-free casein-diet, which usually ¬†means yummy, homemade cookies are a no-no as well. ¬†Not the case with these bad boys. ¬†A friend shared these with me, and I have made them several times, most recently with the […]