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Target Shopping- Marketing Gold Or Insanity?

Target Shopping- Marketing Gold Or Insanity?

Marketing Gold or Insanity? Target Shopping Experience It’s been a long ass week. Let’s be honest, it’s been a long ass year. This has been the worst year of my life luck wise. I could wear a crown of four leaf clovers on my head […]

Morning People Problems

It’s been a hell of a week. No sleep, no help, no husband and still three kids I must nurture, feed and keep alive. They do have their moments though. Good thing they are cute, or id be selling them to the next salesman at […]

I’m a Bad Mommy

We are walking to school. I only got to see you for 1.5 hours yesterday. I miss you; I need you. I want to feel your warmth and hold you. I keep looking down at you wanting to pick you up in my arms. But […]

Need I Say More?

  Saw this on Amazon and had to laugh!  Here’s the link for some other products with the same phrase! Have a great day, I’ve had lots of coffee so bring on the stupid!

The Moment When…

The moment when…just for one second you could be that girl in front of you at the check out. I recently was in a store purchasing a few household items. I grossly underestimated the items I needed and I politely pushed her items forward to […]

Day 10- Favorite Drink

Fave Drink? That’s easy…COFFEE!!!!! By mrsmissioncontrol By Motherofchaos3

Day 2: morning

Saturday mornings at home with some java are the best! By mrsmissioncontrol A nice morning drive down a back country road. By motherofchaos3

Nothing and Everything

This is not a post about a good family recipe, tip on how to do/make anything, a funny story about a kid or anything of the like. It is about nothing and everything all at the same time. Several months ago this day was planned. […]