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Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

Basic Invite Supplies Extra Design Options **PLUS** Discount Code

| YO, THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. | Disclaimer- I was given monetary compensation or a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.   You can’t plan their lives; but […]

Take Your Hands Off My Kids Birthday Party

Take Your Hands Off My Kids Birthday Party

You celebrate birthdays to celebrate the person. You don’t throw parties, hire clowns or rent bouncy houses to show off to your friends or make yourself feel like you got a #parentingwin. The season is upon us. You are probably assuming I am going to […]

The Moment When…ASD Kid Problems

The moment when your ASD kid tells you he doesn’t want to eat the pieces of corn with the flat parts. Wait, what? Doesn’t every kernel of corn have flat parts? It’s called the sides. Oh geeze, I flashback to the Spaghettio debacle. Thought I […]

Mommy Moment

Today is the day! My trifecta of happiness started. By some mere miracle, I was able to get Diva into a closer prek (she started today) which was right down the street from our house. So now I can easily walk Bug to school in […]

Rubber Bands on Steroids

It’s has been a busy, yet productive, week in our house! I love these weeks and the weather makes it so much more enjoyable since I did a lot of running around. Rain boots clash with most of my outfits 🙂 Im always loving this […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you hear the “barking seal”. We heard it all night. It never stopped, until of course I took Bug to the doctor this morning. Then he stopped barking and SB started wheezing. Is today Monday? Sure felt like it. First it started […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you kid asks for school lunch because they are serving Dominos Pizza for lunch. I mean seriously, what kid wants a pb and j sandwich over pizza? My kid apparently. He associates Dominos with sickness. Poor guy; last time he ate it […]


I have a few things to say about God. 1) He has a sense of humor when it comes to my life and 2) he never closes a door on me without opening a window I can jump through first. And last night in our […]