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5 IOS Apps To Play Together To Play With Your Spouse

5 IOS Apps To Play Together To Play With Your Spouse

Why Should I Play IOS Apps With Your Spouse? You’re probably asking yourself “why would I want to play games with him on the phone? I’m always yelling at him to get off it.” Listen up here ya’ll- I’ma gonna tell you why I play […]

Developers dive in to create a wealth of autism apps

I am a techie. I love electronics and can’t remember what it was like before my iPhone. Ok, I do remember having a pager! I read this article and have more hope now, then I did three years ago when my children were first diagnosed. […]

Over 200 Discounted IPad Applications For Autism Awareness Day

I just came across this article over at iAutism in regards to free or discounted apps for your iPad/iPhone in honor of Autism Awareness day. I’m not sure when all discounts end… so get em’ quick! “Today we celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day. Some […]

Hackathon Centered Around Autism Aids

I am a news and tech junky. I saw this article while catching up on some reading and I am excited at the prospects. I am hoping they come true as I know there were no plans, classes or support groups provided to our family […]