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10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

Mama didn’t raise no fool I like to think my childhood was pretty bomb diggity. I lived in the suburbs of a major city that had and still has some of the countries best family attractions. I spent the better part of my summer vacations […]

Tips on Hiking with Kids

We are fortunate to live in a place where is about 365 days of summer. It’s amazing; if you are a outdoors person. We aren’t exactly that family, but we try. When we first moved here we had grand ideas and multiple of to-do lists […]

Geocaching – Lists of Family Friendly Hawaii Caches and More

We have been participating in Geocaching now for about a month. We just found our 10th one! Why am I excited? Because often I can have the commitment issues. I love discovering new games, products, tips, and more. But after a few uses or a […]

Our Newest Adventure- Geocaching

I had a adrenaline rush yesterday when our family started geocache hunting. I only heard about this real world treasure hunt last week. However, it has been going on since 2000 (read more about the history of geocaching here). Contrary to the title, I don’t […]