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New Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope Book Review PLUS! 3 Things Every Autism Parent Should Know

New Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope Book Review PLUS! 3 Things Every Autism Parent Should Know

  | YO, THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. | Disclaimer- I was given a free copy/sample of the product to review and share my experience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.   April is Autism Awareness month. My Evil Plan […]


I was having one of those days yesterday where I just needed some feedback. Well, let me be more specific. I needed some feedback that wasn’t negative. It seemed like all I was hearing back from my kids’ (nonABA-therapists and teachers was all that they […]

DIY Token boards!

So in total there are about 10 different therapists that work with my kiddos. We have found token boards to be so rewarding for both of them and with all the token board apps that can be downloaded to phones, iPads, etc., they are also […]

Tricare Regions

So, as parents of kids with special needs, we realize the importance of good insurance coverage and a good understanding of the good insurance coverage that you have. I have had Tricare since 2006 and am so happy with what we have gotten as a […]

How much therapy is too much?

We live in a time where every minute of our day is scheduled, over-scheduled, and double-booked.  Our to-do lists are unending and there really is no “down time.”  Even when we are relaxing we are checking our phones, getting facebook notifications, texts, emails, etc… I […]


So, my two boys are definitely outdoor types, love to get in the dirt, and rough house.  Sitting still, (except when watching a favorite movie), is no fun for them.  That said, they are usually not very interested in fine motor activities, arts and crafts, […]

Therapy at Home

What I’ve Learned from Having In-Home Therapy… We are blessed with having in-home therapy for our two boys that are on the autism spectrum.  This was a new concept for me, having someone in my home on an almost daily basis.  After two years, here […]

On-the-go with ASD

So, I have been blessed with two little boys, and there are not very many dull moments in our house.  Between our military lifestyle and both our boys being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), things can get a bit chaotic.  We move and travel […]