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Why Did God Choose Me For My Son?

Why Did God Choose Me For My Son?

How do you do it? How do you remind yourself that your child isn’t trying to be right all the time or pick a fight. They are just stating facts because they are literal. They see the world in black and white and there are […]

Oh how the cookie crumbles 

writing this at 1 on a school night I admit, I’m fighting off cold medication and a ambient.  Four years ago, I feel it was the prime of my life. Living in Hawaii, sun everyday, outside activities, and a job full of people who were […]

Mahalo Hawaii: Our final goodbyes a year later

  We have been back on the mainland for almost a year now. Time as past by so fast, I can’t even remember last week. I think we are finally over ever obstacle that we have faced… Well almost. There is this little thing called a […]

Mommy Needs a Timeout- Joys of a Having Multiple Children

Ahh, the joyous screams of our children running around the house. And the screams of me as they run around the house. Maybe not as joyous. But still, I love them. I wouldnt trade anything for them. But at times I need a break from […]